Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chill'n out in Bacolod

I was too tired to blog last night: after dinner a group of us went to the pool for a dip in the unheated pool. The pool probably feels great during the hot day but at night after a rainy day it was fairly chilly: it was the first time I felt cold since arriving. The pool was cool but it was nice relaxing with members of the team.

Transportation around town is always an adventure. Traffic is quite heavy and very few intersections in town have traffic lights. I asked our friends what the rules were for unmarked intersections and they confirmed it’s basically a free-for-all. I guess the one saving grace is that no one can go fast enough to do too much damage. Somehow it all works.

On the way home from the restaurant we tried to take a Jeepney but found there wasn’t a direct route back to our hotel area. So, instead we hopped onto the motorcycle with sidecar cab (three of us on each). It was a fun alternative to the taxi.

Jaydip and I have been busy with La Salle University. Yesterday we both spent the bulk of the day creating presentations: I prepared an introduction to project management for the CS and IT facility. Additionally, we drafted our project scope and schedule: this was key since we have many contacts at the university, each with different requests. We were literally on our last plan item when Jaydip noticed an incoming email from a couple of our key contacts with several new requests: that figures.

Today we had a couple more reviews and I think the plan is now basically sorted out. I also gave the project management course: it was well attended (about 30 people—six from other universities) and seemed to be well received.

After our busy day, I joined Guillermo (Spaniard living in Ireland) and his client another local university for a basketball game: it was the championship game for the neighboring islands. Hoops is definitely the national sport and the crowd really gets into it. What they lack in height they make up in quickness: the speed of the game is entertaining to watch. The local team, Negros Occidental University, won the game and will advance to the next round of Philippines championship in Cebu.

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