Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The streets are quieting down here in Bacolod. I'm sure in a few days when the MassKara festival is in full swing the streets will be anything but quiet. I'm wrapping things up after an evening at a welcome dinner for our team put on by a local organization that is working to attract more IT jobs in the city. They treated us to a meal at a restaurant named "Time Out"--as usual the food was "namit" (delicious). The specialty of the house was a dish made from pig cheek and ear: put in those terms it doesn't sound too enticing but it was very tasty. We enjoyed fish, fried pork, beef marrow and chicken dishes.

The feast was on the tails of a fantastic seafood lunch: shrimp soup, scallops and grilled marlin--all excellent. Our coordinator from Australian Business Volunteers (the NGO IBM is partnering with) told us we can count on coming back a few "kilos" heavier: based on the kindness and generosity displayed by our Filipino friends, I'm sure that will be the case.

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  1. hmmmm.....i'm sure you can pick up more Ilonggo words during your stay. And remember to always 'yuhum' when you say 'namit'. Welcome to Bacolod again and we hope that it will be a memorable one for each an everyone in your team.